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 Swift River - Kancamagus Highway

Things to Do in North Conway NH in Summer

February 12,2022 - By: D. Chandler -

North Conway is the most popular town for visitors to jump off exploring the White Mountains and the many attractions in the area.  During the summer months going into fall, North Conway is a magnet for travelers and day trippers from around the world.

I have compiled a list of some of the most interesting and most visited attractions in the North Conway area.

Hiking in the White Mountains NH img
 Hiking in the White Mountains NH


North Conway is surrounded by a mountain of hiking opportunities for every skill level.  The White Mountain National Forest, state parks, public lands and private forests offer visitors a plethora of hiking trails that zig zag the many mountains, valleys and urban areas around North Conway. 

Whether you’re interested in hiking the 48 mountains in excess of 4000 feet, section hiking the Appalachian Trail or simply getting out into the forest to explore nature, North Conway has you covered.

North Conway itself has an extensive network of trails including Pudding Pond, Green Hills Preserve, Marshall Conservation Area and many more.

Surrounding North Conway is Echo Lake State Park, the White Mountain National Forest and only minutes from North Conway much more.  The big draws to the area include the Kancamagus Highway, Crawford Notch State Park and Pinkham Notch (Located at the base of the Mount Washington).

North Conway is a hiker and outdoor-persons dream with magnificent scenery and tons of natural wonders.

Camping in North Conway NH img
 Camping in North Conway NH


North Conway has a couple of premium campgrounds located directly on the serene Saco River and only a couple minutes to the village area.  In addition, surrounding North Conway are more campgrounds available both from private companies as well as campgrounds located within the White Mountain National Forest.  The latter of the two are, for the most part primate campgrounds, but they put you into the center of the National Forest in an immersive camping environment.

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Sabbaday Waterfalls - Kancamagus Highway, NH img
 Sabbaday Waterfalls - Kancamagus Highway, NH


There over 100 waterfalls in the state of New Hampshire with many of the most spectacular located around North Conway.  Both public and private lands around North Conway enjoy several waterfalls including Arethusa Falls (the highest in New Hampshire), Glen Ellis Falls, Sabbaday Falls, Gordon Falls, Alpine Cascade Falls, Dryad Falls, Giant Falls, Flume Gorge, The Basin, Colebrook Falls, Emerald Pool Falls, Jackson Falls and many more.

Exploring waterfalls around North Conway is a enjoyable and quite popular past time for both locals and visitors to the region.

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ATV Riding in the White Mountains NH img
 ATV Riding in the White Mountains NH

Golf Courses

Golfing in and around North Conway is one of the oldest activities enjoyed by summer folks for several decades.  North Conway has the North Conway Country Club (Public) and Hales Location Golf Course (Public) only minutes from the village.

Around North Conway, there are several other golf courses such as the Wentworth Golf Club, Eagle Mountain Hotel and Golf Club, Androscoggin Valley Country Club and the Mount Washington Golf Club.

Both the North Conway courses and courses of the surrounding area all have magnificent views of the White Mountains and the Mount Washington Valley.

River Tubing

North Conway draws thousands of people to the area each year to enjoy the sandy Saco River.  Tubing is their preferred activity where leisure folks float down the waterway on river tubes.  Whether a couple of close friends, a large group or the whole family, the Saco River host a good time floating along the beaches and small rapids.

During the summer months, you will see hundreds of people on a given day lining up to throw their tubes in the water.  The cool mountain water is an excellent way to escape the summer heat and get some swimming in as well.

Kayaking and Canoeing

North Conway is a great place during the summer to explore the many waterways around the town.  The Ellis River, Saco River and Swift River all converge at North Conway. 
During the Summer, there are whitewater kayakers making their way down the Swift River along the Kancamagus Highway, canoers and kayakers exploring the Saco and Ellis rivers all the way into Maine.  Echo Lake is another spot where kayakers and canoers paddle the calm waters.

Outside of North Conway, you can visit The Great Glen Trails.  They offer kayak rentals and tours along the Androscoggin River near Gorham New Hampshire.

Whitewater Rafting

From North Conway, head north on Route 16 to RaftNH located in Gorham New Hampshire.  If you are interested in exploring the region via a whitewater raft, they have the adventure for you.  The offer a complete guided trip and training for your whitewater excursion. 

Experience the excitement of traversing the wild rapids of New Hampshire and get wet as you navigate the river’s turns and fast water.

ATV Riding

Northern NH enjoys the most diverse and expansive network of ATV riding trails in the Northeast.  With over 1000 miles of interconnected trails, ATV enthusiast travel from as far a way as Upstate New York and Pennsylvania to ride the New Hampshire ATV trails.

From North Conway, travel north to Gorham to find the epicenter of this sport as well as machine rentals and trail information.  Riding the Great North Woods of New Hampshire (adjacent to the White Mountains) is an unforgettable adventure to behold.  Whether you are a couple, group of friends or colleagues or family, this experience is thrilling.  ATV riding offers a great way to see the wilderness of New Hampshire while riding in a comfortable ATV.  Drive the trails and visit mountaintop windmills or area waterfalls, this activity is full of experiences.

Scenic Drives

North Conway is the beginning of several scenic drives through the White Mountains.  The Kancamagus Highway, Route 302 through Crawford Notch State Park, Jackson through Pinkham Notch and the base of Mount Washington or the Mount Washington Auto Road are all world class scenic drives you can include in your next adventure.

These scenic drives include awesome mountain views of the Presidential Mountain Range, Scenic Overlooks and, if you chose, have many waterfalls along the way.


There are many biking opportunities in North Conway and the area.  Whether you interested in mountain biking, fat tire biking, road biking or e-biking, North Conway is the place to be.

For fat tire bikes and mountain bikes, there is Pudding Pond Recreational Area and Marshall Conservation Area.  These both have many trails at different skill levels and offer great forest views as well as challenging terrain.

For road biking and e-biking, both North Conway and the surrounding areas are friendly areas to explore the region via a bike.  Riding the major highways in and around the White Mountains or the back roads around North Conway offer some great views highlighting the natural beauty surroundings.

There are several bike shops in North Conway for rentals, maintenance or gear.  Some of these include Gorham Bike & Ski, Bob & Terry's Ski & Bike, Red Jersey Cyclery, The Bike Shop, Stan & Dan Sports and EMS.  You will find a knowledgeable staff and biking enthusiast at these locations which can offer additional information about local bike trails and such.

Moose Tours

During the evening, if you’re looking for a unique adventure, moose tours might be the thing for you.  Sign-up for an evening moose tour and explore the area in search of the American Moose. 

These tours are very popular and quite unique to the northern New Hampshire region.  A moose safari is thrilling and exciting as you never know what you will see.  Maybe a bull moose, maybe a cow and her baby or other wildlife during the trip.

Tours are offered out of North Conway and Gorham.  They typically begin just before sunset as the moose become more active around dusk. 

Here are some tour companies to schedule your moose tour.

MWV Moose Bus Tour
PO Box 1123
North Conway, NH   03860

Gorham Moose Tours
69 Main Street
Gorham, New Hampshire   03581

Now you have some ideas for things to do in North Conway during the summer months.  There are many more things and we will write about them as well.  Hopefully you can find some great summer activities to entertain you and your crew this summer when visiting North Conway New Hampshire.


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