Arethusa Falls - Crawford Notch img
 Arethusa Falls - Crawford Notch

Easy Hikes in New Hampshire with Waterfalls

January 29,2022 - By: D. Chandler - Easy Hike w/Waterfall

Get out there and enjoy the many beautiful natural wonders in New Hampshire.  These easy hikes with waterfalls will be a great opportunity to explore nature and get some great photos of many waterfalls.

Here is our list of easy access waterfalls for your next expedition:

Name Locatoin
Arethusa Falls Hart's Location, Crawford Notch Park
Jackson Falls Jackson, New Hampshire
Giant Falls Shelburne, New Hampshire
Dryad Falls Shelburne, New Hampshire
Glen Ellis Falls Greens Grant, Pinkham Notch
Alpine Cascades Gorham, New Hampshire
Beaver Brook Falls Colebrook, New Hampshire
Silver Cascades Crawford Notch State Park
Flume Cascades Crawford Notch State Park
Crystal Cascades Pinkham Notch
Emerald Pool Pinkham Notch
Cold Brook Falls Randolph, New Hampshire
Gordon Falls Randolph, New Hampshire


Dryad Falls - Shelburne, NH img
 Dryad Falls - Shelburne, NH

Arethusa Falls

The Arethusa Falls is an easy hike allow the Bemis Brook trail.  The trek into the falls is approximately 1.4 miles.  It is believed to be the tallest waterfall in New Hampshire coming in at 160 feet.  This waterfall is a multiple drop plunge with an endless appears where it appears the water is coming from the sky. 

The Bemis Brook trail includes smaller falls and pools along the hike to Arethusa Falls.  Enjoy the beautiful scenery and forest in this popular area within the White Mountain National Forest.

Jackson Falls

Jackson Falls is just off the Carter Notch Road in Jackson.  The waterfall is a wide and long area with multiple small falls, whirlpools and drops around ledges and boulders.  There are many great places to sit along the rocks and enjoy the ambiance and sounds of water rushing through the rocks.

The is a small parking lot which can fill up quickly so get there early especially on a hot summer day.

This is a good area to relax and read a book or dip your toes in the cool waters of the Ellis River.

Giant Falls

Giant Falls is located in Shelburne New Hampshire.  It is a short hike to the base of the falls.  The round trip hike is about 2.8 miles via the Peabody Brook Trail. 

This waterfall is a series of cascades down the roughed rock face.  The water source is from the Peabody Brook and has a main drop of over 80 feet. 

The trail to the falls is a picturesque jaunt along the brook and through the forest.  Portions of the trail travel along the Peabody Forest and during the Spring and Summer months you can find wildflowers, berries and mushrooms.

Glen Ellis Waterfalls - Pinkham Notch img
 Glen Ellis Waterfalls - Pinkham Notch

Dryad Falls

Dryad Falls is a short hike to the top of the waterfall at 1.5 miles.  The Dryad Brook feeds this waterfall and a total drop of 300 feet.  The falls is a horsetails and slide of water down the rock ledges.  There are great views for the top of the falls overlooking the valley and the White Mountains.

Glen Ellis Falls

Glen Ellis Falls is located just Route 16 in the heart of the White Mountains.  There is a parking lot at the trailhead.  Bring cash because there is a $5 fee for parking.

From the trailhead, travel down the well-maintained path 0.5 miles to the base of Glen Ellis Falls.  Along the trail you will find the Ellis River and beautiful crystal-clear pools and swirling waters around large boulders and ledges.  There is an observation area to the top of the falls with stellar views of the mountains and valley.  From here, there is a long staircase that leads down to the base of the water fall.

The base of Glen Ellis consists of a large pool and you can get a good look at the 64-foot plunge of water with a strong rumble.  During high Spring waters, this spot can be quite violent with blasting waters into the pool.

Alpine Cascades

The Alpine Cascades Waterfall is located in Gorham New Hampshire on the East side of the Androscoggin River.  The hike to this waterfall is least than 0.5 miles along the Presidential Rail Trail.  This trail is a multi-use trail for hikers, mountain bikers and ATVers. 

This fall has about 50 feet of the falls exposed with a sizable pool at the base.  The water source is the Cascade Alpine Brook.  Above the falls the water makes a straight shot down to the exposed portion.  During heavy rain or Spring run off this waterfall is a spectacular show of just a sheet of whitewater covering the complete rock base.

Beaver Brook Falls

Beaver Brook Falls is a great place for photography and a family picnic.  Located just off the road, there is a wide-open space at the base of the falls to view this horsetail waterfall.  There are areas below the falls where you can see a beautiful setting of the Beaver Brook winding through the forest.

This is a wide water fall with a base of over 50 feet and a pyramid shape of falling waters down over the rocky ledges.

Silver Cascades

Silver Cascades is located just of Route 302 in Crawford Notch State Park.  From the road you can see the waters etch their way through the bedrock sluice.  If you hike from the road approximately 200 feet you can see a 40-foot plunge waterfall and sizable pool below.  The bottom of the pool is quite rocky but many people will swim to the waterfall drop for a photo op.

Flume Cascades

The Flume Cascade is just up the road from Silver Cascades and is roadside.  It has a unique flume where the water has eaten away at the ledges to create a trough of cascading water. 

Crystal Cascades

This waterfall has a total drop of 100 feet with a multi-teared drop and pools.  It is located in Pinkham Notch just off the Tuckerman Ravine Trail about 0.4 miles.  From the trailhead to the base of the falls is only 0.5 miles.

Emerald Pool

Emerald Pool is located just off Route 16 in Pinkham Notch near the entrance to the Mount Washington Auto Road.  This is a smaller series of smaller waterfalls with a giant pool at the base.  This is a popular swimming spot during the warmer months.  Most days you will find folks sitting around the pool or the rocky edges of the falls enjoying the rushing water. 

This is a great place to bring lunch and enjoy the scenery.

Cold Brook Falls

This is a smaller waterfall but a short easy hike (0.5 miles) from the Appalachia Trailhead.  Cold Brook Falls is a stepped drop falls with a modest pool at the base.  There is also a vintage stone and wooden hikers bridge along the trail known as Memorial Bridge.

Gordon Falls

Also, from the Appalachia Trailhead you will find Gordon Falls (0.5 miles).  This waterfall is a horsetail and cascades and has a mossy framing on the rocks around the falls.  The falls empties into a small shallow pool and continues as Snyder Brook.

Take a trip and explore the many waterfalls of the White Mountains.  These easy hikes will allow you to hit several spectacular waterfalls in one day. 



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