Glen Ellis Waterfalls - Pinkham Notch img
 Glen Ellis Waterfalls - Pinkham Notch

Best Waterfalls in New Hampshire White Mountains

January 06,2022 - By: D. Chandler - Waterfalls in the White Mountains

Glen Ellis Falls

Glen Ellis Falls is the most popular waterfalls at the base of Mount Washington and Pinkham Notch.  It is 64 feet high with an approximate elevation of 1834 feet.  This is a dramatic falls with gushing water plunging down to the lower pool.

When you arrive at Glen Ellis Falls parking lot.  You must purchase a parking pass so bring some cash.  The parking fee is $5 and you put the parking fee in a steel lockbox. 

There is a short walk along a well-maintained trail to both the top of the falls and the base of the falls.  The trail travels underneath Route 16 through a tunnel and then the trail parallels the Ellis River on the way to Glen Ellis Falls.  At the top of the falls, there is a stone observation area to see the top of the water falls.  From here, there is a long staircase that leads down 65 feet to the lower observation area.  The base of the falls is a good place for photos as a cool mist of water overcomes you.

This a great waterfalls for the whole family, spectacular views and a very short hike from the parking lot.

Arethusa Falls - Crawford Notch img
 Arethusa Falls - Crawford Notch

Arethusa Falls

Another popular waterfall in the White Mountains is Arethusa Falls.  With an overall drop of 160 feet, this falls is impressive.  It has a multi-tiered drop and has been known to be a powerful force during times of high water.

Arethusa Falls located in Crawford Notch State Park and the White Mountains, is the largest waterfall in New England.  Its total height is 160 feet tall making the tallest waterfall in New Hampshire and New England.

The hike to the waterfall is 2.8 miles round trip with beautiful view along the Bemis Brook Trail.  The total elevation gain is about 750 feet.

You may be wondering if you can swim at Arethusa Falls?  There is really no place to swim at the falls but further downstream from the brook there are spots to swim.

Bemis Brook is the water source feeding Arethusa Falls.  Bemis Brook traverses down the Western Slope of Crawford Notch.  The two mountains that straddle Bemis Brook is Mount Willey and Mount Bemis within Crawford Notch State Park.

This is a great place for a day hike, picnic or just a fun place to explore.  The trail and waterfalls is dog friendly and there is ample parking at the trailhead.


Ripley Falls

Ripley Falls is a great waterfall to visit in the White Mountains.  The type of waterfall type is a horsetail and has slides so the water cascades down the rock face.  The total drop of this waterfall is 100 feet.  The best time to visit would be between May to October with impressive water flowing down the mountain. 

The trail is about 1 mile round trip.  The waterfall is a unique falls with a random maze of water making its way to the bottom.

It’s a great adventure and an easy hike.


Sabbaday Falls

Sabbaday Falls is located off the Kancamagus Highway and is one of the popular waterfalls in New Hampshire and the White Mountains.  It has a 45-foot drop with smaller falls and crystal-clear pools and cascades down water through a short flume.

The hike to these falls is short at only 0.8 miles round trip. 

This waterfall is one of the prettiest falls in New Hampshire with its drops and pools as well as dramatic rock formations.  There is an observation deck and lush greenery around the falls. Ripley Falls

Unfortunately, swimming is not permitted at Sabbaday Falls.  Although, there are picnic area and bathrooms located nearby the parking area.


Jackson Falls

Jackson Falls is a great roadside waterfalls with many a falls, pools and the perfect place to sit on the rocks and take in the scenery.  There is a small parking lot that gets very busy during the Summer months.  But overall, this waterfalls is very accessible.

The falls is about 250 – long with many small waterfalls, pools with a more aggressive drop at the end.  After several smaller drops, the total drop of the overall waterfall is about 100 feet.

Dogs are allowed at this waterfall and its free to go here. 

Diana's Bath - White Mountain National Forest img
 Diana's Bath - White Mountain National Forest

Diana’s Bath

Diana’s Bath is a serious of smaller water falls and pools.  This is one of the White Mountains main attractions.  It is a unique set of falls, cascades, pot holes, slides as the water moves over the smooth granite. 

The water source for this area is the Lucy Brook which comes from Big Attitash Mountain and has an overall 75 drop.

The hike into Diana’s Bath is about ½ mile with a limited elevation.  It is an easy hike for all ages.

Dryad Falls - Shelburne, NH img
 Dryad Falls - Shelburne, NH

Dryad Falls

If you’re looking for a less traveled waterfall, you can explore Dryad Falls located in Shelburne, NH.  The waterfall is feed from Dryad Brook and it is a series of horsetails and slides.  The total drop of this falls is a total of approximately 300 feet. 

The trail leading to the falls is less traveled with a more natural untouched landscape.  The trail length is about 0.9 miles to the falls from the Mill Brook Road trailhead.

These are just a selection of the best waterfalls in the New Hampshire White Mountains.  There are many more waterfalls and mountain water slides, brooks, streams and rivers with excellent views along the way and beauty scenery.


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