Cow Moose and Two Calves - White Mountains New Hampshire img
 Cow Moose and Two Calves - White Mountains New Hampshire

Best Place to See Moose in White Mountains

February 01,2022 - By: D. Chandler - Moose Tours

The American Moose is a mysterious and majestic creature often seen in pristine undeveloped tracks of land.  There are moose in all counties in New Hampshire but the largest concentrations are located in the White Mountains and the North Country (north of the White Mountains).

Best spots to find moose in New Hampshire


The American Moose is part of the Capreolinae division of the deer family.  It is the largest and heaviest species in the deer family.  Males are known as bulls; females are known as cows and babies are known as calves. 


Bull Moose - White Mountains New Hampshire img
 Bull Moose - White Mountains New Hampshire

What is the best time of year to see moose in New Hampshire?

Moose are active throughout the year.  During the winter they tend to herd together in yarding area and they do not travel too far in the deep snow.  During the spring, summer and fall seasons they disperse throughout the wilderness.

The best time of year to see moose is from May to July and during September and October.  Moose in New Hampshire will most commonly be seen in wetland areas and typically feed on various plants found in swamps, ponds or wet areas.

Although these are the best times to find moose, keep an eye out year-round.  At night, it is typical difficult to see a moose because they have a dark coat so be attentive.

Moose will also spend time next to roads especially if the road crews use salt to treat the winter roads.  During the spring, summer and fall, a moose is attracted to the salty residue next to roads due to winter salt treatments.

Moose in the Forest - White Mountains New Hampshire img
 Moose in the Forest - White Mountains New Hampshire

When can you see moose in New Hampshire?

Moose are typically less active during day.  During the day moose will lay in a swampy and shady areas. 

The best time of day to find a moose is at dawn or dust.  One hour before dawn until one half hour after sunrise is a good time to spot a moose.  Or, one half hour before sunset to two hours after sunset are great times to find a moose.

During the spring and summer months, I have had the most success in seeing a moose at sunset.  The insects can be very annoying to moose and they will many times travel on the side of the road or in the road in an effort to escape the bugs.

How many moose in New Hampshire?           

According to the New Hampshire Fish & Game department there are 3,000-4000 moose in the state.  The highest percentage of the moose population is in the White Mountains and the North Country which is North of the White Mountains.

Are moose aggressive?

Moose are not typically aggressive but folks need to respect the animal.  A moose can be more than 1000 lbs and 6 to 7 feet tall.  An animal at this size could do some damage if it became upset. 

If a moose is moving towards you, stay in your car or get behind a large tree.  Moose can become aggravated if they are antagonized, feel threatened or have babies around.  Cows are very protective of their calves so it’s a good idea to keep your distance.

A moose may become aggressive and may move towards you.  Stay in your car or find a large tree for protection.  An angry moose will sometimes grunt, roll the whites of their eyes, lay their ears back, jerk their head at you and/or the hair on the back of their neck will stand up.

If this ever happens, move away from the moose until the moose disengages you.

Where are the most moose in New Hampshire?

Moose can be found throughout the state.  The population is consistently looking for new areas for food and a habit that is absent of people.

The most moose in New Hampshire are found in the North Country.  These are areas north of the White Mountains in towns such as Milan, Errol and Pittsburg as well as large areas of undeveloped land in-between north to the Canadian border.

Moose Safety

Always stay in your vehicle if you see a moose.  Moose are potentially dangerous if they feel threatened or uncomfortable with you being there.  Watch moose from a distance and move away from them if the try to approach you.

While driving during peak moose viewing times such as around dawn and dusk, reduce your speed while on known moose corridors.  I have seen many wrecks between cars and moose and it is not a good sight when a 1000-pound moose comes through a car windshield.

Look for eyes in the darkness.  Moose have tapetum lucidum underneath the retina of their eyes.  The tapetum lucidum allows a moose’s eyes to glow yellow or green when headlights are shined in their direction.

Although moose eyes glow, their bodies are very dark so it is sometime difficult to see them under the cover of darkness.  It is a good idea to reduce speed to allow more time to avoid hitting a moose in the road.

Tip:  If you see other animal traveling at night while driving such as deer, raccoons, possum or foxes, this is a good sign that moose are moving as well.  Please slow down and save a moose.


Moose Tours Available Around the White Mountains

If you’re interested in taking a guided tour to see moose, there are few options for a moose safari in New Hampshire.

Here is a list of groups that offer moose tours:


Gorham Moose Tours
69 Main Street
Gorham, New Hampshire   03581

North Conway, New Hampshire   03860

MWV Moose Bus Tour
PO Box 1123
North Conway, New Hampshire   03860

100% Guaranteed Moose Sighting

Alternatively, if you want to guarantee a moose sighting and you’re up for a short ride to Maine.  There is the Maine Wildlife Park.  Here you will find moose during the daylight hours.

The Maine Wildlife Park is located in Gray, Maine.  It is operated by the Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Department and a non-profit by the name of Friends of the Maine Wildlife Park.

The park is been operating for over 50 years and is for animals that are injured, abandon or otherwise cannot be returned to wilderness.  The park has a large fenced in area with moose where you can see the moose up close.  In addition to moose, the park also has deer, coyotes, bear, eagles, fishers, skunks, martins, weasels, porcupines, mountain lions, lynx, bobcats, turkeys, hawks and a fish hatchery with brook trout and lake trout.

This is the only park that I know of in New England that has the largest selection of native wildlife in one spot.  They also have several picnic tables there so it’s a good place to bring a sandwich and have a picnic.

This park is 1 hour and 18 minutes from North Conway but if you’re planning on visiting Maine you can stop by the Maine Wildlife Park and see a moose in real life.


Maine Wildlife Park
56 Game Farm Rd, Gray, ME 04039


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